Comprehensive Nutrition Consultations

Improve overall health

This is geared to the patient interested in improving their overall health. Or the patient who has something going on that traditional medical testing has not been able to pinpoint. Achieve Health Maumee offers Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation services in Maumee, Ohio.

About Nutrition Consulting

This is geared to the patient interested in improving their overall health. Or the patient who has something going on that traditional medical testing has not been able to pinpoint. This approach has been extremely beneficial to many. I use a comprehensive nutrition questionnaires to assess every system of the body. Based on your responses and desire to improve your overall health, I will recommend a regimen to balance your body’s chemistry. In an effort to fully understand the physiological disruptions contributing to ailments and health complaints, functional medicine testing might also be incorporated to assess your health status. Please refer to the Functional Medicine Lab, Nutrition Response Testing, Bioimpedence Analysis and the Asyra service pages more information.


My nutrition patients frequently tell me that they have never had a health care professional ask them so many questions related to their health and well being. As a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board in Nutrition (DACBN), I look deeper at the cause of dysfunction and disease processes and look for natural approaches to balance the body’s chemistry and function..

What is Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation?

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation: is a review of all the questionnaires filled out by you, the patient, which covers different systems of the body. When it comes to the body, nothing is linear! Health is based on the intricate balance of all systems working in harmony.

When one system is compromised it starts to have a trickle-down effect on other body functions. For example, the adrenal glands that deal primarily with stress and survival. The adrenals have a vested interest in the electrolyte minerals, blood sugar, sex hormones, and the gastro-intestinal track. Not to mention the intricate balance between the thyroid’s function and adrenal health. And then, there is insomnia, waking up between 2:00 – 4:00 in the morning and often times having a difficult time falling back to sleep. This is a result of the cortisol levels spiking when they should be recharging.

Consequently when there is unrelenting stress, the adrenal’s coping mechanism is survival and does all it can to keep the body functioning. Survival is its goal! Unyielding stress will eventually cause cholesterol levels to go up, as well as blood sugar levels and blood pressure. You might find intestinal distress: belching, bloating, excessive gas, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, food sensitivities and/or compromised immunity. Since a healthy gut produces neurotransmitters, when compromised, mental health might become challenging as well. All this because two little gland that sit on top of the kidneys are working overtime.

Getting to the root cause of the problem is far superior to masking the problem.

Symptoms can be produced as a result of nutrient deficiency, heavy metals: such as lead, arsenic and mercury. We are exposed to toxic chemicals such as bisphenol (plastic), food preservatives, herbicides and pesticides daily. Our personal hygiene products are loaded with chemicals.

When the body is bombarded with all these stressors; nutrient deficiency, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, eventually it will start to react and produce a smorgasbord of symptoms. My focus is to address the problem upstream that have cascaded into a pool of poor health and illness.

The comprehensive nutritional consult opens the door for functional medicine lab testing, if necessary, or further investigate to bring balance and health to the patient.

Restoring health is a journey that requires discipline, commitment and lifestyle changes. My objective is to bring awareness of the stressors affecting your health and to educate and guide you to better health.