As I was preparing dinner I selected what appeared to be a solid, unblemished onion. The outer skin was removed revealing a wholesome bulb. Once the onion was cut in half it exposed an entire ring that had turned brown.  My first question was what happened during the development of this onion that one single layer was spoiled?  Was it affected by a dry spell, too much rain water?  Was it over-fertilized during this growth phase?  Was it affected by pesticides, herbicides, or too few ground nutrients?  Did a bacteria or fungi set up house keeping for a short, brief moment?

This experience leans to the thought of human health and well-being. What exactly do we have going on the inside when all appears well on the surface?  How does one get to a state of disease?  Does disease manifest overnight or is it a slow process starting off with vague symptoms?  What stresses the body’s function that it can’t compensate consequently setting the disease process in motion?

There is the constant bombardment of chemicals from our food, water, cleaning supplies, cosmetics and building supplies. There are heavy metals and toxins found in the air from combustion and manufacturing. Then we have a host of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi that are always in the process of setting up housekeeping in a perfectly incubated body at 98.6 degrees.  Is it feasible to say that on any given day the human body is exposed to these stressors impacting healthy cells into unhealthy, challenged cells?

What happens when those nutrients designed to assist with rebuilding healthy tissues are either not available in the diet, or are present but the cell membrane is either encrusted or the communication gateway is blocked?  Either way the cells are not being nourished, therefore they can’t perform their function or do so poorly and eventually start to show signs of degeneration.  Might this affect the energy production of the cell, the organ system and ultimately the health of the person?

Wouldn’t it be nice to expose health imbalances before they manifest into disease?  To find a system of the body that is working so hard to maintain homeostasis before illness sets in?  Technology has provided a revolutionary, space age type of equipment that has the capacity to scan the body and identify imbalances before they progress into the disease process.  For those who watched Star Trek, one particular episode shows Dr. Bones scanning his patient with a hand held laser that gave him a diagnostic report on the spot.  That type of technology is a reality in the forms of Asyra, BioMeridan, Avatar, to name a few.  Theses are called electrodermal screening (EDS).  This technology highlights areas of the body that are stressed and on the brink of creating pathology that can be confirmed by traditional medical testing.  With EDS testing, results can guide the doctor to more specific analytical testing or recommend nutrients that can lead the strayed physiology back on track.

On any given day more than 70 percent of patients who seek care from a general practitioner suffer from a functional disturbance where no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences symptoms. Where traditional approaches end, the EAV introduces a new perspective for evaluating and developing solutions to these issues.

Like the onion that looked great on the surface, yet had a blemished ring, when one looks at the total picture of health, what do we have going on deep inside of our being waiting for its opportunity to manifest itself as disease? Wouldn’t it be easier to assist the body in prevention rather than needing crisis management at an emotional and monetary cost?

As Benjamin Franklin stated, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  As this year comes to an end and another is on the horizon make it your resolution to be more health conscious and proactive to your health and well being rather than reactive to disease and illness.