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About Dr. Elia Acuna

I almost named my practice “Outside the Box Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition.” I tend be more interested in ingenuity than following the status quo.  Like the proverbial 5 year old and their constant quest for knowledge and understanding, I am constantly asking the question, “why?” What set the body’s motion toward illness and disease?

I am a graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  My interest in chiropractic started after my mom was experiencing some health issues that were being addressed, unsuccessfully, by many medical doctors in her community. On the advice of a friend, my mom went to the local chiropractor and miraculously felt better after three chiropractic adjustment treatments.  This caught my attention!  A couple years later, I experienced lower back pain while bowling. I was carried into the chiropractor’s office and after a comprehensive exam and adjustment was able to walk out of the chiropractor’s office on my own!  This was a turning point in my life!  My mentor convinced me that Chiropractic was an ideal profession for me.

The 1990’s proved to be very health challenging years for me. I went from doctor to doctor; spent thousands of dollars on blood work, invasive testing, and different forms of imaging only to hear that everything came back “normal.” (I knew that this ruled out pathology, but, the physiology of my body was screaming very loudly at me.)

Not finding the solution to my health complaints from my medical doctors, in 1999 I enrolled and then completed a 336 hour post-graduate nutrition diplomate program offered by Parker College of Chiropractic, to help myself and others. I have been board certified by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, a federally accredited nutrition program since 2003.  My nutritional education did not stop there!

Prior to my clinical nutrition training, in my chiropractic practice; I was hearing discouraged patients tell me about their unresolved health concerns.  This was another reason to seek more nutrition education.  Most doctors (DC’s, ND’s, DO’s MD’s, DDS’s), who practice Clinical Nutrition/Functional Medicine, do so because they have experienced either a personal health problem or have a family member with challenging, unresolved health issues.  Often, many types of testing come back “normal” yet the person is experiencing a myriad of symptoms and health complaints.  This has persuaded doctors, like me, into an alternative, holistic health care journey. This pathway proved to be of tremendous value to my own health. Imagine a five year migraine resolved after a hair analysis, supplements, and dietary changes. Who knew?  This was the pivotal moment I became convinced that I needed this clinical nutrition program.

The combinations of Chiropractic and Nutrition have proven to be a winning combination to my patients care.

Instead of masking the symptoms, I ponder the question of “why” the body is reacting to a stressor that is producing pain, poor health and/or countless symptoms. A healthy body is resilient to health issues; a poorly nourished, toxic body is not. The body has no choice but to react in sickness!

I am constantly seeking answers to health challenges that have been presented personally or with patients in my care.  I spend an average of 10-12 hours per week educating myself; seeking information from my own research, webinars, seminars and/or new training in either chiropractic techniques or nutrition. The more I learn, the more I realize I need to research. I typically far exceed the required continuing education hours for re-licensure.  Expanding my knowledge base to better serve my patients is my passion: getting results is my reward.

Nothing energizes me more than to hear and see the obvious transformation from a patient that has overcome the ravages of poor, challenging health.  When they come in for follow–up visits and report that they are feeling better, and enjoying life again, well, words cannot express my joy for them!

I have empathy to my patient’s health concerns and will leave no stone unturned.  I also realize that I am a slice of the health care pie and will refer out when necessary.

I look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones.

Dr. Acuna